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Project Details

Prism Tower is a phenomenal concoction of eclecticism and juxtaposition. the 34-storey glass building is a cornerstone of artistic experimentation, inspired by the jewel of a ring. The concept revolves around the morphology and geometry of prisms, that have been stacked to compose the perfect setting of this commercial building. Its is based on the phenomenon of incident rays striking upon the prism and dispersing into a spectrum of colours. Metaphorically, it points towards the user being reformed into a versatile individual. the rasied podium of the building is uncut and is topped by prisms, showcasing the transformation of a person as one touches great heights.

To maintain an ideal balance of innovation and sustainability, the dynamic building has a multitude of other features like rainwater harvesting and natural lighting systems. Responding to the unique prismatic form and configuration of the building, the reflective sandwiched glass in the façade has been specifically designed. It is known for its low emissivity, minimization of transfer of heat through glass, and reduction of energy costs by optimum consumption of natural light.

Altogether, the glorious composition of this building has allured Commercial High Rise Architecture & 2017 American Architecture Prize.

Clients: KDL Offices
Status: Completed
Year of Completed: 2012
Location: Kenya
Project Type:

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Office Address

2nd floor, 28, Kalpataru Avenue, Akurli Rd, opposite ESIS Hospital, Kandivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400101