The architecture of office buildings has undergone remarkable evolution over the years. Workmanlike, functional and one-dimensional designs have given way to innovative, creative and eye-catching buildings which ooze personality and distinct characteristic in line with the company’s corporate culture. Over time, changing trends and practices in the world of architecture and the brilliance of master architects have transformed the landscape of office building designs. Today, the focus is on designing office buildings which breed productivity, efficiency and an upbeat and spirited work environment.

If your office building is great to look at and be in, you are sure to go to work happy and with pleasure, and it is this happiness that modern office architecture seeks to achieve. For leading office architecture planning and design companies such as A+I Design, the focus is always to create office buildings that employees love coming to and working at.

What Makes Office Buildings Tick

For office buildings, it is important that any boredom from surrounding ambience gets eliminated during the design phase, as these are the places where people would eventually come and spend long durations of time on a daily basis. Consequently, it is important that office buildings create an enlivening and enjoyable atmosphere which makes it possible for employees to have a good time and be a lot more efficient working at these places.

A lot of time and effort is needed to come up with the right kind of office building design to ensure the creation of a conducive environment. A lot of factors come into play here and make a difference when it comes to contributing to such an environment. Architects can resort to the use and implementation of many devices and ideas to make this possible. Some of the interesting ideas to achieve this might be –

  • A great looking façade which arouses interest and awe and creates a favourable first impression, even for people who enter the building on a daily basis. Great ways to ensure that the façade of an office building ticks all the right boxes is to either go the modern and futuristic way, using subtle shades of metal and glass in designs and creating angles and visual effects, or by putting a modern spin on time-tested classical architecture. People at A+I Design are adept at putting together interesting facades which can uplift the appeal and likeability quotient of your office building instantly.
  • Optimum use of space is essential when it comes to interior architecture of office buildings. The interiors are where employees spend most of their daily time and it is important that they do not feel stifled or jostled in any way. To achieve this, all available space must be used in an optimum manner so that people have the sense of open space around them, which contributes to relaxation and a positive mind set during work.
  • Interesting design elements can add volumes of appeal to office buildings. Simple additions like multiple points of entry and access, well designed recreational rooms and areas, bright and playful places of congregation and correctly places and proportioned windows can all make office buildings a coveted place to be at and work in.