Residential design has always been a field which has seen changes come and go with change in time and place. A much researched and much debated about topic, good residential design does not only impart functional advantage to buildings, but also makes them look and feel good from the outside and inside. In the old days, residential design was a by-product of those times, the tastes of the people of those times and the quality and variety of materials and technology available. As a result, in many places we see old buildings that have rough, square edges and look boxy and dull.

In the modern day and age, residential design and its ideas have come a long way and designers now use their building designs to create an identity for themselves and make something which has personality and panache. Reputed architecture planning and design companies like A+I Design have started new and exciting trends which have completely the changed the way people think about residential buildings.

Modern Residential Design Trends

Minimalistic Design – They say that less is more. This is not as true in any other field as it is for residential architecture. One defining aspect of modern residential design is a penchant for smart and stylish minimalism which imparts a classy look to buildings while keeping things simple and not inviting elaborate work. Some of the most well-known residential designers of today have made their name creating and perfecting the minimalistic style and using it to create stunning buildings which have charisma and character. The adherence to explicit geometry can sometimes get dull and boring, but if interspersed with interesting breaks and asymmetry, it can work brilliantly as a design element that elevates and enhances the overall look and feel of residential buildings. Overall, minimalistic design also creates an effect of judicious utilization of space and a vibe of cleanliness and order.

Innovative Design Ideas – In many modern residential buildings, the overall look gets spruced up by the implementation of interesting and innovative design ideas. This ensures that there is no element of dreariness in the design and people can live in an environment which is fresh, exciting and pleasant. Examples of new and innovative design ideas are many. While some architects employ patterned facades, interesting window shapes and quirky window placements to great effect, some derive great results through the judicious use of glass, tinted glass and metal elements on building exteriors. Experienced architects from a company like A+I Design would always use a relevant combination of these innovative ideas to create a visual effect that leaves an impression.

With these new horizons opening up in the field of residential building architecture, gone are the days of old-school and matchbox-like designs. Instead, a whole new vista of fresh and impact-making designs have opened up. This makes the world of residential building design a world of variety and a place where new ideas can spring up unencumbered by tradition.